Scar (Lion King) Costume Tutorial

Lion King Scar Makeup

I have received a lot of requests for a tutorial on this interpretation of Scar from the Lion King. This makeup was featured on Pop Sugar Beauty and they called it “a glam take on supervillain Scar.” How fucking cool is that?!

If you’re into the Disney villain costumes for Halloween, but don’t want to go completely over the top with face paint; this one is for you, boo. This can be done with makeup you already have, or inexpensive things you can easily find at the drug store.

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Mink vs. Synthetic: The False Eyelash Deathmatch- Week 3

Esqido lashes
Esqido Lashes in style Unfogettable

For those of you who dont already know, I have been testing a set of mink false lashes from Esqido. I have been wearing the same pair every day for 21 days! This is my recap of week 3. If you’d like to read week 1 and week 2, you can find links at the bottom of this post.

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