Mink Lashes vs. Synthetic: The False Lash DEATHMATCH! Week 1



When Esqido Lashes e-mailed me and asked me if they could send me a set of their mink lashes, I was simultaneously thrilled and nervous. Thrilled because a brand had loved my tutorials so much that they wanted to send me some of their products, and nervous because there is so much stigma surrounding bloggers who receive free samples. I emailed Esqido back explaining my hesitance, and they were incredibly gracious about my reservations. They literally were like “Of course we don’t want you to do or say anything you’re uncomfortable with…we just want you to genuinely like our lashes!” Then they sent me an additional pair of lashes, AND some of their new lash glue. Hell yeah.

…..Can I just say, that the best part about having a company contact me, was the the first thing she said was “Your post ‘Blending is a Bitch!’ was amazingly funny!”

Esqido Lashes Katyroleigh

Instead of just saying “I love these lashes!” without explaining why, I decided to REALLY put these lashes to the test. These are made from naturally shed mink fur, and are supposed to last up to 25 uses. That’s a large claim to make.

I’ve decided to wear one of the sets of lashes (the Unforgettable lash) every day until they are unwearable/fall apart or until 30 days has passed. Then I’ll do the same with a pair of drugstore lashes. At the end of my little experiment, I will break down the cost of each set per use. Sound good?

Thus begins my little adventure. Here is how my first week went.


Day One

Mink Vs. Synethtic Lasges
Left, Eylure. Right Esqido- unworn

I have worn false lashes in the past, but never anything that couldn’t be found at a drugstore. At first sight, these lashes, aside from being super long, look incredibly real. Application seems easier to me than the Eyelure lashes I have worn most recently but I cant put my finger on why. The glue they sent is latex free and is remarkably easy to use- mainly because it comes with a little wand instead of an annoying dipstick. You definitely have more control of the amount of glue.

Esqido Lash Glue


I cant SEE the lashes in my periphery the way I have with other false lashes. They are lighter on the eye than the eyelure 101’s despite being larger. The have a little tab on the corners that is harder than the rest of the band. I can foresee that being irritating.

esqido lashes unforgettable
Blurry Ass selfie camera photo

They are truly beautiful on, even though I am not wearing much makeup, they still blend nicely with my own lashes. I keep walking by the mirror and thinking “OMG who is in my house!?” Then I realize it’s just me.

A friend sends me a message after seeing one of my snapchat stories.


She laments that if she were any good applying false lashes she would buy them right away. I vow to make an eyelash application tutorial for her.

Removal is seriously a bitch. I am using an oil free makeup remover as suggested in the care instructions. Holy cow this glue is no joke. A reddit user who uses false lashes regularly was explaining to me that the House of Lashes glue she uses “never really dries.” I didn’t really understand what she meant until now. This glue sort of coagulated instead of drying down, so even though I’ve been wearing the lashes for 7 hours, the glue is still holding on for dear life. No wonder they didn’t pull up on the edges.


Day Two

Lashes are still really easy to apply. Maybe because of the band? Must pay more attention tomorrow. Looking pretty good with a little more makeup than I was wearing yesterday. After walking around it the humid Florida heat for a few hours with family, the glue has still not pulled up on me. When I get in the car and turn on the AC full blast, my lashes flutter wildly. I laugh out loud. Family probably thinks I’m crazy. Removal is a little easier as I let the makeup remover sit on them for a little while before I tried to take them off.

Day Three

Lashes still looking good. I pulled out my drugstore set before I put the Esqido lashes on. Even though I’ve worn the Eyelure lashes two or three times in the past, the Esqido lash’s band is more flexible by a long shot. I do feel like this is probably the reason for ease of application. In my opinion, the lashes still look new. I have not been using a lot of glue, so cleaning them at night with a Q-tip has been enough. Removal is still no joke, although it is getting easier.

Day Four

katyroleigh mink lashes

Nothing new to report. The only evidence that the lashes have even been worn is a little silver eyeshadow on the band that somehow evaded cleaning last night.

Day Five

It is official, the lash band is the reason why these are so easy to apply. Maybe it always has been, or it becomes a tiny bit more flexible with each use? Taking these things off is still a bitch though. That glue, man.

Day Six

I had my first experience with the lashes pulling up on the inner corner! However, I believe this is another case of user error. I have been applying some pretty intense eye makeup for photos in the am, using a different set of lashes also from Esqido, called the Voila lash. After photos are finished, I remove the makeup, reapply some shadow and finish off my day with the Unforgettable lashes. Usually I wash my entire face before applying the Unforgettable lash, but this time I didn’t. My theory is that makeup remover residue, and a LOT of silver eyeshadow, is the culprit. I will test this theory tomorrow.

Day Seven


Lashes still looking good. This is the only set I have worn so far today (six hours so far) and still no pulling up. I have trimmed the little “tags” on the corners this morning because I’ve noticed they can be a little irritating after hour 5. So far today, no irritation. The lashes do look used, but not as used as they should look after about 49 hours of wear and 7 applications, removals, and cleanings.


The Unforgettable Lash Costs $32 USD on Esqido’s website.

Cost per use so far $4.57 USD

What do you guys think so far? Which Drugstore eyelashes should I compare these to?! Check back next Thursday for an “Eyelash Death Match” Update!

As always, thanks for reading!


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