Mink vs. Synthetic: The False Lash DeathMatch! Week 2!


Okay, so I have a lot to say this week. Lets just say that I (and my lashes) have been through the wringer!

For those of you who missed it, I am wearing a set of Esqido lashes (the Unforgettable lash) for 30 days or until they are no longer wearable. Then I will be comparing them to a similar synthetic set. A link to week one is at the bottom of this post.

Day 8


Day 9


My friend Kelly’s birthday was this weekend, and to celebrate we went to a drag show. I figured, drag queens know whats up; let me hunt down some of them and ask their opinions.

Lashes on FLEEK at the drag show

Well, I hunted them down… after a lot of really strong drinks.


I had a lot of very well dressed queens literally petting my eyelashes. Lets just say they were impressed. They stayed impressed even after I spilled some of their glitter all over the floor. I know, it was blasphemy. It wasn’t my best moment.

I was super responsible and took the cute little box the lashes come in, makeup remover, and tweezers just in case I wanted to take them off before I got home. Instead at the end of the night I unceremoniously ripped them off of my face.


The aftermath: Other than being put away backwards, they still look great. Phew. If I said I didn’t apologize to them when I found them in my purse the next morning I would be lying.

Jägermeister. Never again.

Day 10


Day 11:


Removal is much easier now! I let the makeup remover sit on my lashes for about 3 minutes. Lashes slide right off.

Day 12


I did go in and clean the lashes after I removed them on this day. So little lash glue is needed, it actually takes a few days of build up before you can clean  off the glue with some makeup remover and tweezers.

Day 13



Day 14



Still looking pretty amazing after 14 applications, 13 removals, and 1 very violent, regrettable removal. I am seriously impressed.

Nearly 100 hours of wear

That brings our cost per use to $2.28 USD so far. Skip your Starbucks, Ladies and Gents. They’re worth it.


Blurry/Not Blurry


Steady wearing T-shirts because I spend all my money on makeup instead of clothes. Check out them lashes tho.



Example #18798473 why I’m terrible at selfies. I just cant help but make stupid faces.

What do you guys think so far? How much longer do you think these babies will hold up? Any other tests you think I should run? Let me know in the comments!

Here is week one if you missed it!


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