Scar (Lion King) Costume Tutorial

Lion King Scar Makeup

I have received a lot of requests for a tutorial on this interpretation of Scar from the Lion King. This makeup was featured on Pop Sugar Beauty and they called it “a glam take on supervillain Scar.” How fucking cool is that?!

If you’re into the Disney villain costumes for Halloween, but don’t want to go completely over the top with face paint; this one is for you, boo. This can be done with makeup you already have, or inexpensive things you can easily find at the drug store.

Scar Makeup tutorial

The main product in this tutorial is my busted ass Stila Mind palette. Namely, the orange and brick red shades in the bottom row. Thank god those two shades didn’t break or I would be heart broken.

  • Esqido Lashes- Illumina
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Maybelline Gel Liner NYC Liquid Liner (optional)
  • MUFE Smokey Extravagant mascara
  • Stila Mind Palette Nyx Brow Gel in Espresso
  • Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
  • Jordana Rock N Rose Lipliner OR Nyx lip pencil in natural
  • Nyx Slide on Liner in Black
  • Dr. Jart BB Cream
  • MUFE HD powder pressed
  • Nars blush in Deep Throat
  • Not pictured: Urban Decay Backdoor eyeshadow, Esqido companion lash glue

Brushes Real Techniques, blush, definer, essential crease, base shadow and setting brush Eco- Tools angled liner brush Sonia Kashuk pencil brush Naked 2 palette blending brush

Bare Face

lion king scar makeup


Like I said before, I’m using the Stila Mind palette for this, but i’ll try to be descriptive with the shades so you can find something that works for you if you don’t have this palette.

I used the shadow in the upper left corner of the palette (brilliance) as a base to set my primer from my lashline to my brow. Then I blended the light warm brown shade above the orange shadow (wit) in my crease and slightly above my crease as a transition shade . It’s hard to see in this photo but it’s there!

Stila Mind Palette
Using the orange shade in the palette (perception) I applied with with my Real Techniques essential crease brush and blended it out with my Naked 2 brush. I layered this about 3 times to get the intensity I was looking for. You should also bring this slightly down onto the lid.


I’m going to use the warm burgundy/ brown shade (intellect) on my lid, and blend that into my crease, leaving the inner corner bare. I used my base shadow brush to apply, and my essential crease brush to blend.


Deepen the outer corner lid and crease with a dark brown shade. If you have the Mind palette you can use the shade Thinker from the palette (purple brown) which is what I used in the original look. Since my palette is busted as fuck, I’m going to use a cool toned brown from Urban Decay to do this, called Backdoor. I used my pencil brush to apply, and my essential crease brush to blend.

I’m going to go in with the orange first, and extend it from the inner third of my brow down the sides of my nose. Deepen the color with the burgundy shade, and again with your brown shade. In the original look I went much harder on the brown, so I suggest really going ham with it, moreso than you can see in this photo. I have posted the original photos at the bottom of this tutorial I used my essential crease brush for all of this.


Lion King Scar Makeup tutorial

Really give your self a bossy ass brow here. I outlined the shape I wanted first, and then filled it in using my eco tools angled brush. Make sure you decide where you want your scar and leave that spot blank!


Slap on your base and be sure to set it with a powder to make blending our contour easier later.

I waited to do this so I could clean up any fallout from the eyeshadow.

Orange brown Winged liner
 Order: L to R; top to bottom

1. With your gel liner- flick. Really go hard. Now is not the time to be elegant. You can go a little lower with the beginning of your flick since we’re going to do a heavy lower lashline anyways.

2. Beginning slightly before the end ofyour wing, connect it to your lid.

3. Fill in.

4. Connect to inner corner

5. Line the lower lashline with a pencil liner

6. Blend out liner

7. Apply and blend out lower lashline with orange shadow

8. Create catty inner corner with liner. I used liquid liner because it was easier with my big nose in the way, but you can just use your gel.

9. Line your upper and lower water line.


Draw out your scar with the jumbo eye pencil Blend out the edges Use your lipliner to give the scar some dimension, and smudge them together.

If you want to take this look to a whole new level, you can use rigid collodion over this, BUT ONLY ON YOUR FOREHEAD AND CHEEK. Do not put rigid collodion near your eyes and make sure you test it on your hand or neck for reactions before you put it on your face. This product causes the skin to pucker and some people don’t react well to it.

IMG_0296First I used my blush to give me a bit of a base and to help my contour look a little more seamless


Use the orange eye shadow to start your contour, but instead of stopping where you usually would, pull it straight down to make a bit of an angle


Go over with layers of orange until you get the color you want


Do the same thing with burgundy , only slightly within the perimeter of what you just did with the orange

esqido lashes illumina

Add mascara and/or lashes.
Esqido Lashes Illumina*

(*Affiliate Link: Use code BEAUTIFUL for a discount!)


esqido lashes illumina

Lashes on!


Add lipstick- I used L’Oreal Neverending Nutmeg

  IMG_0322Practice your Scar sneer.

Finished Look





Lion King Scar Makeup

What are you guys doing for Halloween? Link me to your costumes below!

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