My name is Kaleigh

I am a Writer, Editor, and Vlogger. My work has been featured on Pop Sugar Beauty, Refinery 29, and Buzzfeed. I am proficient in giving wonderful advice while simultaneously walking on my hands, passing out in front of the TV, being impatient, quoting Forrest Gump at opportune moments, and exasperating my boyfriend “I love Lucy” style.

I love reading, making things, watching Jeopardy, anything spooky, perusing Sephora, watching gymnastics on YouTube, and dancing like a moron in the car for the sole purpose of making people in other cars laugh.

I started posting photos and tutorials because I wanted to make friends who don’t suck, and it quickly snowballed from there.

Where do I write?

In addition to writing here, I am also the  Editor at Poise and Purpose and the Style Editor at Totally The Bomb. I also am very active on Reddit. Chances are that if you’re reading this, you probably came from there.

Where do I post videos?

I post on my own YouTube Channel: Katyroleigh

On Poise and Purpose’s YouTube Channel: Poise and Purpose

and, on Totally The Bomb’s YouTube Channel: Totally The Bomb

I love working with and talking to other bloggers, so check out my contact page and drop me a line!


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